Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send a draft before you print the case?

Yes, always! I send a draft to the email address you ordered with so we can make changes prior to printing! If you notice that it's been 2-3 weeks with no email, please check your spam folder :)


Can I place an order and then cancel it after you've drawn up the design if I'm not happy with it?

There are many photos of my cases on instagram & my website so you can get an idea of what the cases look like. Each case takes me a while to draw + organize the icons, so please don't order if you are unsure!


Can you make a photograph into a cartoon as part of the design?

As of now, I'm not drawing photos of people/family/friends. It unfortunately adds a lot of time to an already long process and I would like to offer a shorter waiting period for designs.


Can you draw a photo of my pet?

Yes! After you order, please email a clear photo of your pet’s face to and include your name.


Can I re-order a case if I get a new phone, break, or lose my old one?

Yes of course! You will only be charged the amount that it costs to print + ship it rather than the full price. 


Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Of course! Please contact me via email to discuss discounts